Tuesday, 4 March 2008


Blog Spotlight: Unearthing the Fossil Huntress Blog :: March 21st, 2008 by Alvin Ramirez ... I discovered Heidi Henderson’s work in Scientific Blogging. Henderson, an author and Chair of the Vancouver Paleontological Society, has dubbed herself the Fossil Huntress. Blogger is where you’ll find her Archea: Musings in Natural History blog. In her Profile page, she lists “Explorer” under Occupation, a dream profession of every precocious child. The appeal of the Fossil Huntress is to nature lovers and those who fascinate in rocks and the timeless stories they tell of the earth and its creatures. Her personal and intimate writing style has a Rachel Carson feel to it. Engaging in her descriptions, she has a talent for taking the reader by the hand on her journeys hunting for fossils and sharing with them the thrill of discovery and adventure.

The titles she chooses for her posts are enough to tickle naturalists and fellow fossil hunters to click, read on, and keep coming back for more. Her words simply move you to excitement. The following are just a few of the catchy article and blog titles she uses that speak of experiences that could only come from an adventurer like her.
Reading Henderson takes me back to old times as a boy when I would excitedly follow clues to fossils and collect them from places that held treasures right beneath my feet. As Henderson aptly puts it in one of her posts, “You’ll feel a rush of excitement as you scramble up the talus slop to the 300-metre shale outcropping and begin to find magnificently preserved plants, insects, flowers and feathers in the loose shale.”

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