Monday, 21 May 2018


Orca, Black Fish or Killer Whale — these toothed whales in the oceanic dolphin family are one of the most recognized species in the world.

Their genus name Orcinus means "of the kingdom of the dead."

In the Kwak̓wala language of the Kwakiutl or Kwakwaka'wakw, speakers of Kwak'wala, of the Pacific Northwest, orca or killer whales are known as max̱'inux̱.

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A wonderful replica of Furo Philpotae (Agassiz) fossil fish from the Jurassic of Lyme Regis, UK by Natural Selection Fossils.

The original specimen that this replica is made from is the most complete ever found and considered the best preserved in the world. This beauty with a ton of exquisite detail measures approximately 87 cm in length.