Monday, 3 June 2019


Arnioceras semicostatum & Arnioceras miserable
These beauties are from a fossil field trip to the Arnioceras beds. The fossils found here are from the Lower Jurassic, Lower Sinemurian, Little Paradise Member of the Last Creek formation. The site is high up in the Canadian Rocky Mountains near Last Creek, British Columbia, Canada and best explored in the warm summer months as there are frequent snowfalls year-round.

This site is part of the research area for Dr. Howard Tipper, GSC (who is hugely missed) and Dr. Louise Longridge, University of British Columbia.

Several ammonites species can be found here including Arnioceras semicostatum & Arnioceras miserable. The two gastropods you see in the central block have yet to be identified to species. Here's hoping a nice grad student takes an interest. The rare but lovely gastros from this area would make an excellent thesis. Perhaps comparing their distribution to their counterparts in Europe.