Saturday, 25 June 2022


Behind the Scenes on BC'S FOSSIL BOUNTY
A Sneak Peak Behind the Scenes on BC'S FOSSIL BOUNTY. Meet Kay Lillico — Dinosaur Docent at Dino Lab Inc. 

We caught a sneak peek as our talented Hair & Make Up artist, Kalinda Nelson, preps Kay for the cameras on set @shorelinestudios.

Kay delivered pure gold on her work sharing the science of palaeontology. 

We learned how Kay’s passion for dinosaurs (sexy little raptors) & invertebrates including the arthropod Anomalocaris led her to become a Science Communicator & pursue her dreams at Dino Lab Inc. — and how you can, too!

Kay encourages everyone who is excited by the prospect of palaeontology to keep pursuing knowledge and go after their dreams! Seek out opportunities, really don’t be afraid to get outside of your comfort zone. Her path led her to work at Dino Lab Inc. — an awesome hand's on museum that does educational tours, fossil prep and has real fossils you can visit in person. 

Ever pet a Triceratops? You can at Dino Lab! They are the originators of the hands on dinosaur experience. If you head on over for a tour be sure to check out their Fossil Restoration Lab, Fossil Gallery and palaeontology themed gift shop.

Behind the Scenes on BC'S FOSSIL BOUNTY
Are you interested in learning more about the show? We are very excited to be telling the tale of Vancouver, British Columbia through the lens of palaeontology, geology and artistry!

Vancouver is a magical place. We live in a diverse province edged by mountains, ocean, forests and streams. While our lens is often on the rugged beauty all around us, beneath our feet is yet another world.

Layers of rock hold fossils, each an interface to our deep past. Within each fragment, these ancient beings whisper their secrets, share their life experiences, tell us tales of community, how they made a living, who they rubbed shoulders with (or fins, or seedlings...) and convey the essence of a world long embedded in stone.

Join me as we explore the rich fossil bounty of fossil plants, dinosaurs to mighty marine reptiles and the people who unearth them.

Discover British Columbia's violent past — how plate tectonics, volcanoes and glaciers shaped the land and why we find plant fossils along the Kitsilano foreshore and marine fossils beneath False Creek. Did you know that some female dinosaurs have distinctive bone material that tells us they are just about to give birth or just became new mammas? You will once you see Kay Lillico's episode on Season One of BC's Fossil Bounty.

​Hear from palaeontologists, geologists, geochemists, science organizations, dinosaur docents, palaeoartists and fossil preparators whose work brings our ancient world to life.

Do you love Kay as much as I do? Give her a follow on Instagram @klilly_13 — she’s awesome! Want to learn more about Dino Lab? They are on Instagram at and

Funding is supported by TELUS STORYHIVE & DINO LAB INC. BC'S FOSSIL BOUNTY — SEASON ONE airs on TELUS Optik TV and the TELUS YouTube Channel Autumn 2022.