Tuesday, 2 April 2019


Female Spotted Hyena / Sub-Saharan Africa
This lovely lady is a spotted hyena. While she looks like a large dog, she shares more similarities with our large cats, lions and tigers.

Like all her kin, she's a wonderful hunter either with her pack or out solo. While portrayed as scavengers, those who've seen them in the wild know that she's a good little hunter and not a picky eater. Hyenas snack on a varied selection of birds, lizards, snakes, fish and insects over their long lives. Most live about 25 years and are quite social animals. They live in large groups called clans, some up to 75-80 individuals. They eat larger game as well, often hunting with their clan packs to take down zebra, antelope, wildebeest and even young hippos.

Spotted hyenas are mammals in the Family Hyaenidae. They roam the tropical grasslands, woodlands and savanna of Africa. The females are the larger of the species, weighing up to 82 kg and growing up to 2 metres long and are the leaders of the group. Each clan is led by one alpha female who rules the roost and still takes time out to have one ot cubs a year. They are the original working moms.