Saturday, 27 April 2019


Superfamilia Tropitaceae Mojsisovics, 1875. Familia Tropitidae Mojsisovics, 1893. Genus Discotropites Hyatt & Smith, 1925. Type: Discotropites sandlingensis (Fr.v.Hauer)  Karn/Tuval 2, Subbulatus-Schichten, Raschberg, Mojs. Plate 130.

The picture shows Discotropites cf. sandlingensis. It was found at the classic Mons Tuval site situated at the Austrian /Bavarian border region south of Salzburg. Size of the ammonoid is about 7cm. This area of the world boasts one of the richest deposits of Triassic ammonite units — more than five hundred magnificent ammonite species are found here along with a diversified selection of cephalopod fauna  — orthoceratids, nautiloids, ammonoids — we also see gastropods, bivalves (esp. halobiids), brachiopods, crinoids and a few corals. For microfauna, we see conodonts, foraminifera, sponge spicules, radiolaria, floating crinoids and holothurian sclerites —  polyp-like, soft-bodied "wormy" invertebrate echinozoans.