Monday, 23 March 2020


Ichthyosaur Tail Section. Photo: Liam Langley
A beautiful piece of ichthyosaur tail section found on the Yorkshire Coast in 2019 by the deeply awesome Liam Langley.

Ichthyosaurus are an extinct marine reptile first described from fossil fragments found in 1699 in Wales. Shortly thereafter, fossil vertebrae were published in 1708 from the Lower Jurassic and the first member of the order Ichthyosauria to be discovered.

Over time, we discovered a number of these fossil specimens and a picture of the overall look and size began to emerge. We found fossils that ranged from quite small, just a foot or two, to well over twenty-six metres in length and resembled both modern fish and dolphins. This specimen holds a well-deserved spot of honour on Liam's mantle. The detail is tremendous and just look at that masterful prep work.